Personal info

Yury Shavro
Born: 6th of June 1973
Zaporojie, Ukraine
Nationality : Russian

Olga Tutynina
Born: 1th of November 1986
Vladimir, Russia
Nationality : Russia


1989 –graduated from the secondary school
1994 –Diplom of the Kiew Circus School
(specialization – equilibre on unicycle)
1995 –entered the Creative studio of the Nikulin Moscow circus
under the leadership of Valentin Gneouchev.
1995 –graduated from the circus
with the act „Adagio on unicycle“
1996 –artists of the Nikulin Moscow circus.
2007 –artist of the Cirque du Soleil show Kooza

Technical information

Olga & Yury – „Adagio on Unicycle“

Least size : 4×4 m
Least high : 3.80 m

(if you want us to work with all tricks,
in other case we can work on the stage
with less size and high)


Gold Medal in the international Festiva Mondail
du Cirque de Demain in Paris

Silver Medal in the International circus Festival in China.

Special Prize of swiss kritik and lot fun in the
International Festival in Montecarlo

Training of the participants for the Unicycle
world championship

Our references

Variete Pegassus in Benzheim
Variete Wintergarten in Berlin
Variete in Athens (Greece)
Variete Friedrichsbau
Variete Debale „Gimmiek Studio“
Variete Seidenstern
Variete Tiger Palast
Variete Kristallpalast in Leipzig
Variete Starclab
Variete St-Gallden
GOP Essen
GOP Bad Oeynhausen
GOP Hannover
Circus „Sarrasani“
Circus „Krone“
Circus „Conelli“ (Swiss)
Circus „Roermond“ (Holland)
Circus „Monti“
„KO-KO Entertainment“
Apollo Variete in Düsseldorf
Tivoli Park

Altes Theater (Germany)
Benedormpalace (Spain)
Realitycircusshow in Rom (Italy)
TSF-Galaproduktion, Sportgala (Germany)
Park-„Phantasialand“ in Bhr¸l
Expo-Hannover 2000
Neues Theater in Hˆchst
Messe in Leipzig
Gala in Sardinia (Italy)
Gala for Porsche
Gala for Police presidium
TV Traumtänzer (Germany)
TV Cirque du Soleil (Canada)
TV Stambul (Turkey)
TV Rom (Italy)
TV Cyprus
TV Gala (Spain)
TV Gala „Stars on the Ring“ (Germany)
TV ZDF (Germany)
Tv Magic (France)


We work in the Cirque du Soleil in the show „Kooza“ now:


Yury Shavro
Reginhardstrasse 13
13409 Berlin

Mobil:+49 (0) 172 76 89 06 5